Fury friends make great playmates

The following article by Jessica Cortis was first published in The Daily Telegraph.

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Kindergarten and Preparatory class students from the Lakes Christian College recently had the pleasure of meeting 12 furry friends who visited from Nepean Therapy Dogs.

The young students were able to play with the dogs who make regular excursions to hospitals, nursing homes and palliative care families.

The pets at Nepean Therapy Dogs are known for their ‘petting power’ and ‘four-legged healing’ but mostly, their ability to put a smile on everyone’s face.

The students enjoyed pushing the dogs in their special pram. Picture: Matthew Sullivan

The organiser of the day, Amanda Palmer, said the kids had “a brilliant time and it was nice to see all the children beaming”.

There was plenty of love to go around as the students reflected on their doggy experience afterwards in carefully written stories.

“I liked to pat the puppy dogs but the big dog was my favourite”, Jacob from Kindergarten wrote.

Classmate Amelia wrote “I like to push the puppies in the pram.’’

The children enjoyed cuddling the doggy visitors.

Nicole Celebran, president of Nepean Therapy Dogs and proud owner of Pets Charming said “the children were all excited to cuddle them’’.

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