New paths get dingoes’ tails wagging

The following article by Jessica Cortis was first published in The Daily Telegraph

TAILS were wagging with happiness when volunteers stepped in to help make life at Penrith’s Dingo Den sanctuary easier last week.

A team from Bunnings’ stores headed to the property to help install four bridges and a boardwalk.

The help was much appreciated by Dingo Den Animal Rescue founder Josh Said, who runs the year-old charity on limited funding.

He said the property had been holding water, making it hard for volunteers and guests to move around safely.

“We’re trying to give the dingoes as much of a natural environment as we can, so the extra hands have definitely helped us in completing the sanctuary for the dingoes,” he said of the assistance from Bunnings, which installed the bridges made with timber donated by Cabot’s.

Josh Said with Blaze and Nala.

Mr Said said his charity has rehomed 30 dingoes and also tries to educate the community about the importance of the native dog within Australia’s ecosystem.

“We’ve had excellent­ ­retention rates so far,’’ he said of the rehomed animals.

The new additions will make navigating the property easier.

The charity has been able to take dingoes to primary schools for students to meet and learn about them.

“Dingoes are a big part of indigenous culture because they are a sacred totem, so we teach the kids a bit about them and what it means. They love it.”

Mr Said anticipates ­establishing an aviary for vulnerable birds and small mammals, too.

Josh Said with his dingoes Blaze and Nala and Nicole Daley from Bunnings.
The sanctuary had been holding water making access difficult.

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