Pet stylist creates magic with scissors

The following article by Jessica Cortis was first published in The Daily Telegraph

HER flying scissors have reshaped her dog into a canine version of Shaun the Sheep and now Carissa Moffatt is getting ready to compete against the nation’s best dog groomers.

Ms Moffatt, who has been honing her craft for more than eight years, admits being a little nervous about this weekend’s AusGroom competition.

But win or lose, she said the experience would be very rewarding.

“Winning will just be a bonus,” she told the Penrith Press. “It will be a good chance to improve (my) own skills and get feedback from the judges.”

Pet groomer Carissa Moffat with “Indi”, the Bichoodle.

International grooming experts Christina Pawlosky and Judy Doyle Hudson will be judging the competition at Hawkesbury.

The weekend’s event will feature workshops, demonstrations and seminars on everything from canine skin health to the importance of regular grooming.

With the support of her boyfriend and mother, who will be watching from the sidelines, Ms Moffatt hopes to make the most of the experience by participating in three events and a grooming seminar. “You never stop learning,” she said.

Ms Moffatt began her career as a vet nurse before branching out to operate a mobile dog grooming service. She is now the proud owner and head groomer at Pawz and Relax Pet Spa in Werrington County.

Pet groomer Carissa Moffat has won awards for her skillful work.

When asked what the recipe is to being Australia’s next top groomer, Ms Moffatt said the secret is: “to study hard and keep practising. Practice makes perfect.”

Ms Moffatt’s dog grooming skills saw her take top honours at the 2014 Pet Expo when she turned her white standard poodle, Sherbert, into Shaun the Sheep.

She also won the people’s choice award.

Carissa Moffatt at the 2014 Pet Expo with ‘Shaun the Sheep’.

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