Instruments of hope for refugees and asylum seekers

The Department of Home Affairs recently approved the shipment of musical instruments to Nauru and Manus Island. The announcement comes after Rosebay resident and founder of Music For Refugees, Philip Feinstein, sent a letter to Minister Peter Dutton, asking for permission to provide the decrepit detention centres with instruments. “Within 24 hours, I received a…

The battle against our biases

With the pressures of deadlines, accuracy, balanced reporting, and cultural sensitivity, we journalists have a hard role as the fourth estate of the community.

Disability Carers Call For Action

Fed up disability carers are calling on the government to improve the National Disability Insurance Scheme as it continues to delay funding plans. Carers have been hit the hardest with some having to quit their job to care fulltime for their child or spouse. Leanne Bailey, mother to a severely autistic 18-year-old, said she contemplated…

ABC News Director predicts newsroom shakeup

The biggest change to hit the journalism industry will arrive in ten minutes, according to ABC News Director Gaven Morris. In a talk delivered to Western Sydney University journalism students at Parramatta campus this week, Morris fears the biggest disruption to news stories will be the end of schedule. “News that is prioritised to the…

Tips and tricks from top investigators

The following article by Jessica Cortis was first published in The Walkley Magazine. Journalists Aaron Glantz, Gerald Ryle, Kate McClymont and Siddharth Varadarajan on the Stoyology Sydney panel. Photo: Tom Lingstone/Walkley Magazine Investigative journalists don’t have it easy, especially today, in a media landscape where information is expected to be pushed out as soon as…

Coming Home

With the issue of men’s mental health becoming more prominent among Australian NRL players, Jessica Cortis follows the return of player Samuel Elwin to his rural hometown after years of professional footy took its toll on his health, and more seriously, his life.

Writing prejudice away

The 2017 Young Women of the West award has been awarded to 19-year-old Maja Podinic after she created a Pen Pals Cross Cultural Program to engage refugees and students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Forget Me Not

Tourists and volunteers have always been deeply touched by the plight of orphans in Nepal. The orphanage business has experienced exponential growth since the 2015 earthquake, which devastated Nepal. However, recent findings point to illegal trade in some of the orphanages in which many Australians unknowingly fund. Australia has now launched an enquiry with an aim to establish a Modern Slavery Act.

Healing Langtang

The following article by Jessica Cortis was first published in the Nepali Times Emma Waterton and Hayley Saul from Western Sydney University were in Langtang last year researching its archaeology, heritage and development when the 25 April earthquake set off a massive avalanche that buried the village. At least 200 people were killed, 70 of…